At oeBin we say “Everyone Wins!”

We find customers for your repossessed and non-current Original Equipment Inventory that is inactive in your yards, compounds, parts bins, warehouses and floor plans. We then sell it to our customers at a pre-determined cost. Selling your used equipment, surplus parts and components through oeBin allows you to concentrate on your core business, knowing that your inactive pieces are being sold efficiently and effectively in a truly global marketplace.

Benefit to Sellers:

- Turn idle equipment, parts and components into cash – improving your balance sheets and working capital without paying high premiums, storage fees or percentages on already depreciating equipment.

- Clean up your yards, compounds, parts departments and warehouses – making space for core business products.

- Quit counting and managing inventory every year that isn’t moving thus consuming time and money.

- Your inventory is available to your customers until sold, no additional transportation expenses related to sending equipment to auction site.

- Your corporate identity is private, only upon sale of product is the shipping location identified.

Benefit to Buyers:

- You get to pay below auction pricing without blind bidding on equipment.

Example – you get to look at the equipment, drive the equipment, inspect the equipment, touch the equipment, the list goes on!

In short ‘Everyone Wins’