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OEBIN LTD is the exclusive distributor of PROMAX Bulk Loader/Unloader in North and South America.

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1. Capacity Up to 2400t/h aggregates, 2000t/h coal

2. Structure Mainly Rectangular hollow sections high grade steel. Static loading in 30m/s wind and mobile at 20m/s wind

3. Surface protection Grit blast and three coats high build, optional grit blast & galvanized

4. Motions Telescoping with extension luffing boom, long travel, road travel

5. Loading ability Can hang loading spout with rotary discharge shoe on boom end, chute dismounting

6. Drives/hydraulics Generator 110kW with Hydraulic Power Pack for rams, tracks and positional locks Conveyor drive electric inverter 75kW IPW44 TEFV S3 motor Telescoping winch with double drums, mast tensioning winches all hydraulic, luff boom operation hydraulic. Hydraulic rams will have rods with copper, nickel then hard chrome plating and will have valves for fail safe stopping on the body of the ram cylinders. Ram bearings of the stainless steel/PTFE type with rams rods having little or no necking.

7. Protection equipment Trip wires at accessible areas, belt misalignment switches, underspeed detection, wind speed detection, belt weigher.

8. Belt type 5+1.5 covers 3 or 4 ply, CDM spec. Hydraulic take up and belt slack provision for stowing machine.

9. Belt scrapers Primary and secondary tungsten tipped units on discharge. Vee type on return.

9. Idlers Flat with 20deg wing rolls Impact idlers at tail end, 30 or 35 deg troughing idlers, flat and vee type return idlers all 127 dia. Idlers in telescoping section and boom in hammock type transoms.

10. Pulleys and Bearings Static balanced, lagged plain with chevron lagging on drive, crowned, with split roller bearings as required.

11. Long travel drive Hydraulic motors to full width tracks, lowered by links and rams

12. Road wheels Three axle ‘super singles’ with lift lock during operation

13 Towing system Fifth wheel suitable for heavy duty towing

14. Electrics Power and control in separate dust protected (WP44 or equiv) panels. Cabling, transducers etc to British Standards. Limit switches for end of travel motions.

15. Control PC controlled functions, pendant control for all functions.

16. Loading hopper Hardened steel lined plate loading hopper with integrated belt load protection system, tapered skirts/rubber through to incline section incorporating belt hold discs for flat to troughed profile. Discharge gate at hopper outlet for bed depth control, hydraulically operated. Skirt rubber clamps of easy replacement type and design of skirts to alleviate material pressure from rubber to belt contact point.

17 Stabilising units Front units extending out beyond machine width for loading stability, mid and rear units in undercarriage frame, hydraulic extending.

TL45 TM11